• Frequently Asked Questions

What is automation?

Automation is using machines to do tasks that were traditionally done by humans. Small businesses normally utilize automation through different software.

How can automation help my business?

Automations saves businesses time and money by automatically doing daily so businesses can focus on more important tasks.

What is your pricing for automations?

The pricing depends on several factors like software cost, setup time and complexity. We offer an inexpensive bulk texting automation for only $10/month or we can spend days overhauling a company’s entire processes and procedures.

How often do automations fail?

There are times when websites go down and automations do not work like expected. The good news is this is very infrequent and still more reliable than typical human error rates.

What can be automated?

Almost any task that utilizes email, data entry, calendars, reminders, etc.  Popular processes to automate are hiring, social media, customer communication, email, and many more.

What is included in the free audit?

When a business would like a free, personalized audit the first step is to schedule an audit using the button on the top of this page.  You will then be sent a link to a questionnaire that will help you examine your current practices and procedures. It will also help us to know where we could possibly help you.  

We will then meet through Zoom video conferencing where we will ask you questions to get a better idea of where you are and where you want to me.  You will receive a report of different automations you could institute. These will range in price and we will discuss if you would like to institute these yourself, or hire us.

What size companies should automate their processes?

All companies should look at ways to save time and money through automation. The best time to examine if automation is right for your company is when you are thinking of creating a new position to keep up with everything.

Can I see some sample automations?

Yes! In fact, you can watch a video tutorial right now and learn 5 different ways to easily automate your email. Click to go to the form

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